Initializing, Initiating And Installing A Blog

Creating a blog does not require an updated technical skill because most of it is automated where one can manage 20 or more blogs. Initial process requires some procedures on how to initiate your idea and install them on your personal blogging site.

For beginners, the procedure will involve some criterions:

  • Choosing a topic – It can be anything random, something specific or a hub of collective ideas put together in one. Write about Manchester Discounts or the latest sports news!
  • Finding a domain – Getting your own domain can be a task since nothing comes for free even if it reads ‘free’ as for a sub domain you need plug ins, colors, arts, layout which costs more and moderators might not agree with your policy. The best option is to go for a self-hosted domain which will not cost much.
  • Searching for your domain name If you are ready for time consumption and saving money then you can find your own domain name or else some reliable hosting companies like Web Hosting Web is best for starters and your domain and hosting is ready in finger tips.
  • Installation – some companies offer “one-click” installation while you can save that money if you have web application like PHP or MySQL and then simply in 5 minutes WordPress would be installed with a cross-check of all the requirements-host, domain, database ready with password, name, uploading files to the web host and running the application.
  • Applying themes and layout – it is very simple as from the Word Press one can chose themes from the folder by unzipping the folder first.

Then comes the fun part of designing your blog by first, adding substantial content, be socially inviting with conversation being a two-way process, refresh new tools to innovate and update your research. Blog my email is also another feature for starters. Maintenance of archives, managing blogrolls, upgradation of syndication, controlling the two-way process of posting and commenting called trackbacks and pingbacks, having permanent to individual blog posts called permalinks, truncation of your title using Post Slugs, writing excerpts and adding Plugins are some of the key points to remember when you start with blogging.