Web design helps websites to look attractive

Web design is different from web development because it mainly addresses the design aspect of web development in the making of a website. The areas encompassed by this aspect include web interface design, web graphics design, user experience design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Usually teams are divided and allotted the web designing work so as to address different aspects of website design and some designers take care of the whole designing process.

The term web design is generally used to define the process undertaken to design the front end i.e. the client side. The work would also include the writing markup. The web designing process also cover web engineering but partially when the web development process covers broader scopes. A web designer must be aware of the usability and have to be update with the web accessibility guidelines if they are to be involved in the process of creating mark ups.

Web designing came into being only recently but it can be traced back to graphic designing in the past. Web designing is considered as a technological achievement in the annals of graphic designing. It is a non-removable and unavoidable part of lives because internet will not be what it is without web designing. Can you imagine a web page without graphics? How it will look or sound without colorful texts, backgrounds and sound effects.

Web design gives a beautiful face to a website and compels customers to look at it. The imaginatively designed site decorated with colorful graphics and texts and accompanied by music make it highly attractive to the onlookers. The presentation of products, placing of the images and texts largely contributes to the beautification of the site making it effective weapon to pull in a stream of visitors. Without website design a website would look like a black and white text book and people will hardly take notice of it.